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Vibrio-controgel ( Controls Loose Shell )
Vibriosis is the principal bacterial disease in shrimp causing shell diseases and localized infection of septicemia. Hepatopancrease of the shrimp is reported to be the main target organ of the most bacterial pathogens. This indictes that the prolifiration of the pathogen occurs in the HP which eventually seize control of digestive tract produces pathological symptoms in the shrimp host.
Composition :
Herbal Vibrio-Static, Antiviral, immunostimulant extracts
Advantages :
  • It controls loose shell in shrimp
  • It contains 100% herbal extracts of vibiro-static, antiviral & immunostimulants.
  • It effectively controls pathogenic vibrios
  • It enhances immunity of shrimp.
Dosage :
  • 20-30 ml. per 1kg of feed
Presentation :
  • 1Lt. & 5 Lt.