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Gromore (Feed Probitic)
A number of different biological strains and synthetic compounds (Glucans, Enzymes Vitamins) have been found to enhance the non-specific defence system in shrimps and shown to increase the barrier of infection against a series pathogens simulataneously, both specific and opportunistic ones.
Lactobacillus Sporogenes  
L. acidophilus 2,00,000 million CFU
Bacillus subtills
B. lechiniformis  
Saccharomyces cerevisiae : 1,50,000 million CFU
Amylase 250mg
Cellulase 250mg
Hemicellulase 150mg
Lipase 100mg
Protease 600mg
Phytase 25,00,000 lu
Yeat cellwalls 10 gms
Gluconase 250mg
Glucans 1000mg
Carotenoids 30mg
Proteins 50 gms
Mineral mix 20 gms
Lysine 2 gms
Glysine 200 mg
Methionine 4.5 gms
Vitamin A 500mg
Vitamin E 500mg
Vitamin C 30gms
Choline choride 1.5gms
Anti oxidants 0.2%
Composition :
  • Each Kg Contains
Advantages :
  • Enhances host defense mechnism by increasing production of hemocytes and phagocytes.
  • Enhances Shrimp Immunity.
  • Increase disease resistance and growth rate of shrimp.
  • Improves feed digestion capacity.
  • Faster growth rate and weight gain.
Dosage :
  • 4 - 5 gms / Kg. Feed
Presentation :
  • 500 gms.