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Coat - C ( Vitamin-C Enriched with Enzyms)
Prawn and fish depand upon an exogenous dietary source of Vit-C because Vit-C cannot be synthesized in the body of aquatic animals due to the lake of enzyme L. gulonolactone oxidase (response for in vivo synthesis Vit C). Envit - C contains L. ascorbyl - 2 - Polyphasphate form of Vit C entiched with digestice enzymes.
Indications :
  • ncreases body weight. Improves survival rate.
  • It is highly stable and easily digestable form of Vitamin-C enriched with enzymes.
  • Enzymies Increase feed digestable capacity of shrimps.
  • Enhances immunity.
Dosage :
  • 3 - 4 Gms / Kg. Feed
Presentation :
  • 500 gms.
Reference :
Shiau, Shi-Yen and Tsai-Shen Hsu (1994) : Vitamin C requirement of grass shrimp Penaesu monodon, as determined with L-ascorbyl-2-monophosphate, aquaculture 122, pp 347-357 Grant, B.F., Seib, P.A., and Liao, M.L. (1989) : Polyphosphorylated L-Ascorbic acid : a stable form of vitamin C for aquaculture feeds, J. World aqua. Sec. 20, pp 143-157